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Office Style Guide

Many of our customers work in an office and are always looking to get those perfect trendy pieces. Who doesn’t love to get dressed up every morning and be their best version of themselves! We are diving into office style this post, we want to share how you can be comfortable, professional and feel/look your best. Think about how much better you feel once you have that amazing outfit on and how it can change your whole mindset.

Office looks can be exciting, we are here to show you some pieces that we love to wear to the office. Let’s make everyday a day to play dress up. Use hashtag #uforiamuseofficelooks to share your office style with us!

Ahead, you will find looks that we think would be show stopping at the office!, click the image if you want to view the pieces!  



This coat is perfect for the office! It comes in 3 different colours. Tan, black, and this beautiful rust colour. It can pair well with trousers or a skirt and with those cold months coming up this will keep you warm.

Tie Top 


Okay, we know what most of you are thinking. “I can’t wear that tie top, it’s a crop top.” Hear us out… High waist pants will change your life. You can still wear cute crop tops if you have appropriate high waist trousers, skirts, wide leg pants. Also by adding a belt to the outfit it can help show off your figure. Add a blazer over top for more layers and so you don’t feel too vulnerable.

Hair Clips 

Hair clips are the best to spice up your “boring” outfit. This accessory can make you feel 0 to 100 in an instant!

Trouser Pants 

Here are some of the best trousers. These are a MUST if you work in an office. They pair well with everything and they feel so comfy it’s like you are wearing PJ pants to work! What’s not to love?

Office Style Jumpsuit 

Jumpsuits are the perfect office look. You can wake up a bit later and just throw on a cute jumpsuit. Add a blazer and some heels or booties and there you have it! 

Leopard Kimono 

If blazer’s aren’t your vibe kimonos are a great alternative. This leopard one is super popular and lightweight to pair with your office outfits! 


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