Favourites and Best Sellers

Favourites and Best Sellers

We wanted to highlight some of our customer's favourite items. Best sellers are popular for a reason, and these ones do not disappoint. These are items we get a ton of questions about, that customers are trying on in or store and adding to every order online and that we have restocked time and time again. This is a blog post you don't want to miss.

Pop Pom & Ponytail Toques

As soon as the weather gets chilly this is a most requested item. We can't keep them on the shelves. It is always great to have multiple colours and every year we get new and more variety of colour options. This year we are loving the mustard, olive green and rust orange colour but all the classic tones like white, black and beige. They look great with any jacket, sweater and you don't have to worry about doing your hair. Just throw on your pop pom toque and instantly look cute and stylish. this would be the perfect accessory for a Fall or Winter photo shoot or while drinking your pumpkin spice latte.

Plaid Blanket Scarf

This particular colour is our most popular blanket scarf. We love the mix of blue and brown/purple. layer it up with your favourite cardigan. Wrap it a few times or let it hang loose and wear it inside. 


Chelsea Shawl Vest

This vest is so versatile and looks great on anyone. It makes the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself. The emerald green and mustard yellow are this season's most popular colours. Style it with a long sleeve top, turtle neck, or any sweater. Flip it upside down to have more of a shawl around the neck or the other way to have more length covering the legs. 


Teddy Coats and Cardigans

We have many styles of teddy coats and cardigans and all of them have been equally popular. If you don't already have a teddy coat in your wardrobe you need one. We recently got the Rosco Teddy Cardigan Jacket in, and it is the softest teddy fabric yet. We love the longer length, the pockets and the hood. We predict it to be the new favourite teddy coat that everyone will be living in this winter.


Smash + Tess Rompers


Once you put this romper on you will understand the hype because you will not want to take it off. Not to mention it looks good on every body type! Many customers say they love to throw this on after work instead of going straight to pyjamas, but lots also love them because they are easy, feel better than most pjs and you can wear them out to do errands. They are a baggy fit, so it is easy to order. You will not regret this purchase!

We will keep this blog post updated with our best selling items. If you are ever wondering what to buy, this is the answer because you can't go wrong with these favourites. 


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