BTS: Las Vegas WWD Magic; Spring & Summer 2020 Trends

Our buying team embarked on one of fashions most coveted trade shows, to scout out the best spring and summer trends and bring them back for your styling pleasures. This blog chats about what we saw, what we learned and what you can expect from Uforia Muse this spring.

Setting the Vibe.

When we first arrived to the convention center in Mandalay Bay it was chaos. Buyers and influencers had formed a line waiting for the vendors to open up shop. You could feel the excitement and energy of the first day radiating from the bodies in line. This excitement is what we love about the fashion industry and we try to create this feeling for our customers when the come to our store. When you walked into the main area, there was a stage with seating in front of it, a DJ booth off to the side. There were also beautiful seating areas arranged around the floor and the most fun and heart warming graphic signs.

At the DJ booth, these cute girl DJ's were our favourite and completed the energy of the space. They were dressed in these pretty outfits, with flowers covering their headphones. The Dj's would dance and perform as people watched and filmed them with their phones. A few steps into the main area, you could see aisles and aisles of vendor booths that were decorated with such creativity and were unique to each brand. Above the aisles were banners with numbers to help you navigate where you wanted to go. Of course these vendor booths guessed it...clothes. If this sounds like a dream to you, keep reading as we hop into the trends that we were surrounded with. 


Trends Of Magic.

Pastels & Blue Hues.

This might seem like a simple trend that has been done before, but somehow it is better! In years past, we have seen one colour come out strong for spring, whereas Spring 2020 pastels prove to be every colour of the rainbow. This is so welcome after our long winter of black and leather (although we still are obsessed) . Pistachio green, lavender, bubble gum pink, and pale yellow were repeated in different styles. Although these pastels will be everywhere this spring the one we predict will be the most popular is a beautiful light blue shade. We are excited to mix and match these pastels in our outfits this season like these inspo pics from @vergegirl.



We have seen the rise of blazers over the last year and we are happy to inform you that they are here to stay. You can expect to see them this year in the trending colour pallets, and styled in a suit style look with matching trousers or shorts. We also expect to see blazer dresses making a come back as well. Stay tuned for this blazer and short set coming soon from Emory Park.

Track/Lounge Sets.

We are here for the track and lounge sets! Our staff is huge on this trend and for good reason. Who doesn't want to be cute and comfy at the same time? If you watched our live in Vegas, we showcased some amazing hoodie and sweat pant sets that also included baggy t-shirts and bike shorts. This is something we have been seeing everywhere and even mixing sweat pants or bike shorts with something more dressy such as a blazer is a way to get more wear out of your pieces. Girls are just loving a more casual style and we feel that is so empowering. We also snagged some amazing top and pant sets that have a more elevated lounge set feel that you can wear out. We've seen this trend evolve over the past few seasons and love that is here to stay in a new and fun way. Check out our inspo pics from Joah Brown, Cry Baby and Nasty Gal and check back for similar styles to come.


Ruffle/Baby Doll Dresses.

At almost every booth we passed or entered there were ruffles. Ruffle dresses to be exact. There was just an overall boho feel to many dress styles that we came across. We love how pretty and girly these styles proves to be, but also how easy to wear these trends are. Swiss dots and a larger almost pom pom look dots were on many of these boho dress styles. Baby doll dresses were also trending and extra cute. Again just so easy to wear and flowy through the body. You can be sure to find a ton of these dresses hitting the floor soon if you haven't yet noticed some already. We love this babydoll from


Hats are probably one of the easiest ways to take an outfit to the next level. Walking around at magic, we saw so many girls wearing hats and we knew we had to bring some into the store. They are always a staple for us, but they are even more so this spring. The wide brim hat is popular in flat top styles or fedora styles, but what we have noticed that is unique about the hats for spring 2020, is the colours. Those muted and beige tones are what girls are loving to pair with their beige and neutral outfits. Checkout the selection we have in store now!

Tie Dye.

If you follow us, you know we have been tie dye obsessed already, but we have some amazing new pieces coming at you for spring. You can keep your sights on more t-shirts and sweatshirts in different tie dye colours and patterns.

Beiges/Neutral Tones.

PSA: Beige is currently a huge vibe. If you are not a beige lover, then we suggest you try warming up to this neutral because it is the colour of the season. Creams, beiges and whites just keep everything minimal and clean and we love that look. It doesn't matter if you're looking for dresses, blazers, tops, bottoms, you can expect to see plenty of beige options this spring. We love how Fashion Activation layered her beiges and styled this outfit.

One Shoulder.

We've seen the one shoulder trend over the past year, but it is here to stay. We are loving it in a simple basic form, just styled with jeans, sweatpants or a fun and flirty skirt. The one shoulder top is sure to be your new go to basic. Keep your eyes out for dresses that have one shoulder details as well. Check out this inspo pic from stolen inspiration for the look we are talking about.


Fuzzy Fabrics.

Similar to lounge sets, who doesn't want to wear soft and fuzzy fabrics? Although this may sound like a trend made for winter, we have seen a ton of this eyelash type fabric in styles that are totally suited for your summer wardrobe. Little cardigans and crop tops are so exciting in this fun fabric. It reminds us of the SKIMS line by Kim Kardashian and we are all about it. Check out the inspo below by Marina Hewitt. 

Stay Tuned xo.

As these WWD Magic trends start to role in to the store, be sure to keep your eyes on our instagram page and website so you don't miss out on these amazing pieces. Thanks for following along!

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